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Derivatives – A Movie becoming Reality (Part II)

In the first part of this article,for the sake of better understanding of negative influence that derivatives had on financial crisis,the mechanism behind thosefinancially engineered products was explained using the analogy with an old movie called Trading places”. Now, what was happening in the back stage of financial crisis in 2008 is quite similar to […]

Derivatives – A Movie becoming Reality (Part I)

March, 2008 – Collapse of Bear Stearns….September, 2008 – Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers…August, 2010 – The AIG Bailout Scandal… Although such headlines are now left behind us in the past, they still remind us on events that triggered one of the worst global financial crisis the world had ever seen. We have learned from very […]

Road to successful strategy execution in companies

The great Sir Winston Churchill once said: “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results “. This old wisdom undoubtedly shifted from the battlefields in World War II and found its way to dynamic and competitive markets of today. Most recent research from the Fortune magazine revealed quite discouraging results that only […]

Why selling a business often ends in disputes

One of the most common universal truths that the only certain thing is uncertainty nowadays is severely shaking the global M&A market. Once dominant “sellers’ market”, where most of the bargaining power in M&A transactions was on the side of a seller, no longer exists. After the downturn, the number of deals has dropped significantly. Regardless […]